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In the early days of Gods and Men..the people of Skarvald were the first of men to make way to the lands of snow and cedar. They worshiped the Gods of Asgard with honor and loyalty and in turn the Gods Watched over them. The saying went.."Blessed  are we for Odin watches us from the Corner of his lone eye" . When Skarvald was being besieged by the Frost Giants of the Icy Wastelands, they with held them for 20 days and 20 nights. All looked as if was lost when the prayers of the people were answered with the Host of Asgard being led by the All father Odin and the Gods themselves stood side by side with men and drove back the Giants ..and made Skarvald free.  The losses of men and women alike almost cleared out the men of the northlands. It was then ..the All Father Odin bid the asgardians to lay with the mortals for they were found to be fair and becoming..It was the All Fathers Decree that these mortals fought brave and true, therefore the bloodline will be strong and will stand to all enemies that threaten them. The offspring of the mating were not granted immortality nor godly abilties ..but the blessing of the blood long lived and resilience was had. Death would come in battle to all..Illness and sickness could be had...For it was the way of things in life and the All father could not grant this ability to even these couragious mortals.   The leader of these people was Normandarr, and he was given the title of The Foehammer, the defender of Skarvald and Sentinel of Midgard. Over time it is said that the bloodline was spread throughout the other tribes and peoples that were encountered with the northland skarvaldians..the People of Normandarr. It was from this bloodline that the Jarl now stands as ruler of the land..The decendant of Normandarr now holds the Mantle of Foehammer and Rules the land of snow and cedar with Strength and Temperment that gives his people Freedom and peace.


The stories are those handed down by men. Wether they be true or not is only that of what the Northmen believe. It is known that Skarvaldian Vikings do have a strange way of defying the march of time it would are battled scarred..women seem to keep beauty and figure..but it is after all a legend handed down by man.


Skarvald is being rebuilt after a long hardship of a tyrants Rule. Yarick Foehammer, the false king, deceased brother to Balder Foerhammer was defeated in a rebelion to retake the kingdom. Yarick had overthrown his brother and invaided Skarvald with a force of sellswords..barbarians ..orcs..and other manner of dark forces. In the recent days Balder returned to his homeland, with his Elven Mage at his side, the now High Queen Ellie of the Nomadic Woodland Elves. Leading what was left of the resistance of Viking..Elf..Dwarf and other races who had managed to survive along with the help of Ellies Nomadic people, the Rightful King has retaken his throne and now looks to rebuild his homeland with his queen at his side. Aid is needed and new settlers are welcomed and wanted. 


Native Races- Human-(Norse/Viking Based, )  Elves-(Woodland-Forest/ Dark-Svartelf or Drow if you prefer) Dwarf, Goblin, Orc , Giant and Troll. -Giant and Troll have mostly died out or left the lands for other parts of Midgard.



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